Best Films and Music to Test Your Home Theatre System (part One)

I thought I had a pretty good home “theatre” system (I prefer the term “cinema”, but I realise I’m on a losing wicket here..), but thought that certain special effects weren’t as dramatic as I thought they should be. I also found that my 5.1 SACD music CDs were also pretty limp- all I seemed to get was a faint echo out of the rear speakers.

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I went round a friend’s house armed with a Blu Ray and a SACD and heard them on his home theatre system. It was then that I realised that my system (which I admit was 5 years old) was only simulating surround sound/DTS and 5.1. It wasn’t the real thing! Because I spend a lot of time watching films and listening to music, I saved up and bought a decent system (this one, shown below).

The sound was a revelation- it was like a wax bung had been removed from my ears! Who-Hoo!

I then embarked on a quest to find the best films to show off my new system to my friends and relatives. What films are the ones that will bring the best out of your system (or reveal its weaknesses)?

Here is part one of my little foray into the best films and music dvds/SACDs to test your surround-sound:

Firstly three music SACDs or DVDs: